Instructions for Authors


Abstracts should be submitted by May 15th, 2019. Only papers submitted electronically through ConfMaster system shall be considered.

Language & Copyright

Abstracts must written English. They should not be submitted elsewhere. Copyright remains with the author; the Kurt Godel Society is granted the right of use. The Kurt Goedel Society holds the right to publish or re-publish accepted abstracts including the authors’ contact information, except in case of express revocation by the author.

Word Count

Abstracts should not exceed (150–300 words) and fit on one PDF A4 page.

Format of Your Submission

Title Surname, Name(s), Place and Country E-mail address Abstract Text Acknowledgements Bibliography


No footnotes. Do not use non-breaking hyphens or spaces. Quotations appear in double quotation marks; quotations in quotations in single quotation marks. Hyphens (-) are only to be used in compound words.