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The following finalists have been chosen:

Pre-doctoral category

  • David Fernández: Non-Deterministic Semantics for Dynamic Topological Logic
  • Ekaterina Fokina: Index Sets for Some Classes of Structures
  • Pavel Hrubes: On lengths of proofs in non-classical logics
  • Maryanthe Malliaris: Realization of phi-types and Keisler's order
  • Kentaro Sato: The Strength of Extensionality - Weak Weak Set Theories with Infinity
  • Henry Towsner: Ordinal Analysis by Transformations

Post-doctoral category

  • Andrey Bovykin: Independence results in concrete mathematics
  • Vasco Brattka: A Computable Version of Banach's Inverse Mapping Theorem
  • Andreas Fischer: O-minimal analytic separation of sets in dimension two
  • Stefan Geschke: Low distortion embeddings of infinite metric spaces into the real line
  • James Hirschorn: A strong antidiamond principle compatible with CH
  • Peter Koellner: On Reflection Principles

Senior category

  • Jeremy Avigad: The metamathematics of ergodic theory
  • Thierry Coquand: Space of valuations
  • Fernando Ferreira: Injecting uniformities into Peano arithmetic
  • Yuri Matiyasevich: Finite-fold Diophantine representations
  • Andreas Weiermann: Phase transitions for Goedel incompleteness