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Submission instructions

The three categories of fellowships are specified as follows:
  • Ph.D.(pre-doctoral): being in the stage before finishing the thesis (or equivalent achievements)
  • Post-doctoral: being in the stage within 10 years after finishing the thesis (or equivalent achievements)
  • Senior: being in a later stage

The submission has to consist of:

  • one document A in PDF format containing (to be submitted under the "File" field of the submission form)
    • the CV
    • the project description
    • the recommendation letters
  • one document B in PDF format containing the article (to be submitted under the "Attachment" field of the submission form)
  • one text abstract relating to B (to be submitted under the "Abstract" field of the submission form)

The recommended size of the abstract is between one half and one text page (or between 2000 and 4000 characters).

Document A containing the CV, the project description, and the recommendation letters must be prepared in the following way:

  • minimum font size: 10pt
  • paper size: A4
  • maximum length of the CV: 3 pages
    The CV must contain the list of all/most important publications. The CV must clearly state to which category the application belongs.
  • maximum length of project description: 4 pages
    Project description should clearly state where and at which institution the applicant intends to carry out the project.
  • minimum 2 (two)/maximum 3 (three) 1-page recommendation letters in case of applications belonging to the categories Ph.D.(pre-doctoral) and post-doctoral fellowships.
    (The recommendation letters should be scanned and included into the PDF document)

Document B containing the article to be published in Annals of Pure and Applied Logic must be prepared according to the guidelines of the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. Please see this Elsevier web site for details. In a nutshell: Use LaTeX and elsart.cls.

Maximum allowed length of the article is twenty-five (25) pages in the prescribed format.

The submission must be in English.

Only the articles written by a single author will be considered.

The Advisory Board and the Program Chair reserve the right

  • to consider only submissions with reasonable format
  • to reassign a submission to another category as applied for.
The applicant will be informed about the reasons for such a decision.

The selection process is based on anonimous reviewing.

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