Other activities

Dana Scott eleceted President of KGS

On June 29, 2015 Professor Dana Scott was elected President of the KGS. Photos from the ceremony and his talk Can Modalities Save Naive Set Theory? given at VCLA can be viewed at Photos (photos copyright B Afshari).

ScienceWeek 2001

The ScienceWeek@Austria is dedicated to public relation work for science and research. All universities and other research/scientific institutes are invited to present their work, developments and interests in a way easy to grasp for the non-scientist.

In cooperation with the Institut Wiener Kreis we will organize a series of events in a viennese coffeehouse under the title Cafehaus-Wissenschaft - Der Wiener Kreis Logic, Medicine, Jurisprudence and Philosophy: four sciences which were prominent in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. We will present these four disciplines with interesting, funny, strange and famous results. There will be lectures to each of these sciences and two special courses are held on the incompleteness theorem of Gödel and on Kelsens jurisdiction.

For more informations please visit the ScienceWeek Homepage

ScienceWeek 2000

In 2000 the KGS screened the movie "Kurt Gödel - ein mathematischer Mythos" by Werner De Pauli-Schimanovich and Peter Weibel in a Viennese cinema together with a introduction by Mr. Schimanovich and a long discussion after the screening.