Organization of the Kurt Gödel Society

The Kurt Gödel Society is an international organization. It was founded in 1987 and is chartered in Vienna. Its founding president was Hao Wang.

Its activities are coordinated by the executive board consisting of the president, the vice president, the publicity chair, the treasurer, and their deputies, as well as the archivist of the Gödel archive and the chairperson of the organizing committee of the Collegium Logicum lecture series.

Our presidents

Executive Board

President Dana Scott
Executive Vice President Matthias Baaz
Publicity Chair Jan Bydzovsky
Deputy Publicity Chair 1 Bahareh Afshari
Deputy Publicity Chair 2 Norbert Preining
Treasurer Anela Lolic
Archivist Stefan Hetzl
Collegium Logicum Chair Agata Ciabattoni
Erasmus Mundus Board Alexander Leitsch (chair)
Members-at-Large Thomas Eiter
Georg Gottlob
Georg Moser
Daniele Mundici
Karl Sigmund
Helmut Veith
Richard Zach
Past Presidents Hao Wang (1987-89)
Ronald Björn Jensen (1989-92)
Daniele Mundici (1992-96)
Petr Hajek (1997-2003)
Gaisi Takeuti (2004-2009)
Petr Hajek (2009-2015)

The Society undertakes and supports research in all areas of logic, philosophy and the history of mathematics, above all in connection with the biography of Kurt Gödel, through the activities of its members and through granting financial support.